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Cornerstone of personal and family wealth.

This fund is not just a product.
NWD Global Multi-Asset is a complex, effective and timeless solution for safe preservation and long-term growth of wealth.

About the fund

NWD Global Multi-Asset (NWD GMA) is a unique and globally diversified fund of qualified investors. It aims to deliver a stable and consistent return in every market environment and with above average resilience to fluctuations on financial markets.

The investment philosophy is adopted from more than a hundred-year old proven strategy of diversification among equities, bonds, real-estate, gold and alternative investments.

Thus it benefits from different, independent, but complementary investment strategies. The fund applies this approach via specialized investment funds from the largest and the most successful asset managers in the world.

Significant cost savings are an important factor and they are achieved by using institutional classes together with very low transaction and operational costs.

7,8 %
average annual performance of underlying funds between years 2005 and 2016
see the Performance page
EUR 67bn
volume of assets in underlying funds in the NWD GMA portfolio
70 000
monitored investment funds
17 years
average track record of underlying funds
CZK 47bn
total assets under management of the fund's investment company
criteria for selection of underlying funds
€ $ Kč
available investment currencies


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Investment strategy

We choose the most successful funds
with strong background and best long-term results among more than 70 000 available opportunities.
We benefit from proven combination
of traditional financial assets (equities, fixed income), real estate and alternative investments.
We achieve stable performance
and solid liquidity even in periods of increased volatility.
Based on the nature, execution and proven knowledge from the best asset managers in the world, the NWD GMA fund is positioned to be the core of personal and family wealth.


  • absolut return
  • real assets
  • gold
  • others
Fixed income
  • government
  • corporate
  • high-yiel
  • cash
Real estate
  • Czech Republic
  • western Europe
  • developed Asia
  • others
  • Europa
  • USA
  • Asia
  • others


We adhere to a scientifically and historically proven strategy, i.e. asset diversification and investment discipline with respect to the actual market condition.

Risk reduction on the macro level is achieved by using strategic allocation of assets, across regions, sectors and asset classes. Diversification into individual investment funds lowers the risk on the micro level.

The knowledge of financial mathematics, investment products and modern portfolio theory is employed.

Fixed Income Equities Real-Estate Alternative

Investment process

  • Every aspect of selected funds is examined during the three-phase selection process.
  • Funds in the portfolio are regularly monitored and their allocation tactically adjusted in response to market conditions.
  • Use of the institutional classes improves cost efficiency.
  • No investments into funds with unclear or non-transparent strategy.
  • No investments into hedge funds or trading strategies.
  • No speculations or market-timing.

Traditional assets

We invest to a diversified portfolio of stocks of successful companies with dividend yield or growth potential, sovereign or corporate bonds and we hold cash.

We select funds that has the top long-term performance and beat competition.


Many of these have been industry leaders for more than 50 years.


Up to 13 criteria focused on quantitative and qualitative aspects are used during the fund selection process.

Alternative investments

Only funds with an easily understandable approach for us or our investors are selected.
Investment solutions are typical by minimal correlation with traditional assets.
We are interested only in funds with a clear source of yield and high degree of security.

Performance of NAV

May 31, 2017
Upozornění: Uvedené údaje zahrnují vývoj podkladových fondů v modelovém portfoliu od 31.12.2004 do 31.12.2016 a vývoj hodnoty fondu NWD GMA od 31.12.2016 do současnosti.

Cumulative performance

May 31, 2017
3m 6m 1y 3y 5y 10y since January 01, 2015
Underlying funds in
NWD Global Multi-Asset portfolio
1.0 % 0.5 % 2.9 % 13.7 % 39.7 % 75.4 % 120.3 % 6.6 % p.a.
50 % equities MSCI ACWI,
50 % bonds Barclays Global Agg. Bond
3.6 % 8.2 % 7.9 % 4.9 % 26.3 % 27.2 % 55.1 % 3.6 % p.a.
Note: The values and charts show combined historical performance of underlying funds in the NWD Global Multi-Asset portfolio from December 31, 2004 to December 31, 2016 and ongoing performance of the fund since December 31, 2016.


May 31, 2017
Volatility (last 5 years) 3.5 %
Sharpe ratio (last 5 years) 1.62
Maximum drawdown (since January 01, 2005) -15 % (Aug 01, 2008)
Volatility: illustrates fluctuations of individual returns from the mean return for the period and is measured by the standard deviation. The lower value shows smaller price fluctuations for the period.
Sharpe ratio: represents return net of the risk-free rate and allocated for a unit of risk. The higher value describes better risk-adjusted performance.
Maximum drawdown: describes maximum fund price decrease from any price top to any subsequent through until a new price maximum is created.

Why to invest in NWD GMA?

Stability and safety
  • Protection against fluctuations on financial markets.
  • Inflation protection.
  • Risk minimization due to the diversification of underlying funds.
Combination of the strongest performance funds together with alternative investments and low costs results in above average long-term return.
Transparent structure
  • The Czech National Bank registration and supervision
  • Audit by KPMG ČR
  • Control by KB depository
  • Administration by AMISTA IS
Selection of the best
  • 70 000 investment funds universe
  • 3 levels of the selection process
  • Up to 13 quantitative and qualitative criteria
Cost efficiency
  • Economies of scale
  • Expenses at the institutional class level
  • Up to 60 % overall cost savings
  • Transactional simplicity
  • The portfolio constantly optimized with no further client's action required.
Long-term experience
  • Investment strategy proven by over 100 years in the markets.
  • Over 18 years of average track-record of underlying funds.
Income facility
  • Easy setup for regular income
  • Available as a percentage or absolute value
Tax efficiency
  • No tax duties during the holding period of the fund.
  • Return is tax-free after 3 years.
  • Tax regime is country-specific.
Personal motivation
  • Managers invest their own capital into the fund.
  • Motivation of management by participation on the overall performance of the fund.
CZK, EUR, USD availability
  • Investment available in 3 currencies.
  • Investment in each currency is fully subject to currency hedging.
Online overview 24/7
Performance of the fund and investment itself alongside the relevant documentation is available online anytime.

Management of the fund

Štěpán Tvrdý
Bc. Štěpán Tvrdý, MBA
  • founder, investment committee member
  • 24 years on financial markets
  • active with investment funds since 2000
  • broker’s licence (including derivatives), juror of Finance academy Zlatá koruna award
  • previous experience:
    • Citibank – wealth management, first open architecture for investment funds in the Czech Republic
    • Erste bank – management of CZK 60 bil. bond portfolio
    • Konsolidační banka – trading on interbank markets, liquidity management
Radko Matyáš
Ing. Radko Matyáš, CFA
  • analyst, investment committee member
  • 10 years on financial markets
  • juror of Finance academy Zlatá koruna award
  • previous experience:
    • Komerční Banka (SocGen) – global strategy and development
    • Global hedge fund – portfolio management and investment analysis
    • Clearstream Operations – proxy-voting

Supervisory Board

Jana Kyselová
Mgr. Jana Kyseľová, LL.M.
  • member of supervisory board, 11 years in the industry
  • specializes on regulation of financial markets, securities and investment funds
  • experience with complex legal audits of Czech and foreign companies
  • legal support for business projects including M&A transaction
Petr Budinský
Doc. RNDr. Petr Budinský, CSc.
  • member of supervisory board, 34 years in the industry
  • vice-rector at VŠFS University, previously active at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics on Charles University
  • member of World bank programme focused on securities
  • author or co-author of expert publications and articles in the Czech Republic and abroad
Tomáš Říha
Ing. Tomáš Říha
  • member of supervisory board, 15 years in the industry
  • processes of portfolio administration and settlement
  • communication with Czech and foreign financial institutions and clients
  • experience from HypoVereinsbank and Komerční banka (SocGen)

Key information

Name of the fund: NWD SICAV, a.s. (Société d‘investissement à capital variable) in the sense of Section 95 (1) (a) of Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds
Name of the sub-fund: NWD Global Multi-Asset
Status: Fund of qualified investors
Type: Global mixed
Available currencies: CZK, EUR, USD
ISIN: CZ0008042215 (CZK I), CZ0008042231 (EUR I),
CZ0008042223 (USD I), CZ0008043361 (CZK D)
Currency risk: Fund's performance in the relevant currency is subject to currency hedging
Domicile: Czech Republic
Valuation frequency: Once per month
Investment horizon: 4 years and more
Dividend returns: Reinvested
Taxation of returns: 15 % (return is tax-free for individual investors in case of redemption after 3 years)
Regulation and supervision: The Czech National Bank
Depository: Komerční banka, a.s.
Auditor: KPMG Czech republic, s.r.o.
Administrator: NWD investiční společnost, a.s.
Investment company: NWD investiční společnost, a.s.
Minimum investment: 1 000 000 CZK or 125 000 EUR
Management fee: 1 % p.a. (class I) , 1,5 % p.a. (class D)
Performance fee: 10 % (High Water Mark)
Entry fee: 3 % maximum
Exit fee:
15 % in case of redemption in the 1st year
10 % in case of redemption in the 2nd year
5 % in case of redemption in the 3rd year
0 % after 3 years
The company NWD SICAV a.s. (hereinafter only “NWD SICAV”) declares that the information contained in this document should not be used as an offer and likewise does not represent an offer for sale or call for an offer to buy or a public offer of any securities. The information stated in this document is exclusively informational in nature and its purpose is not to replace a statute or prospect or provide their complete summary. The data which are contained in this document (yield, volatility, performance et al.) cannot be considered as an indicator and guarantee of future development. The stated investment strategy is stated in good faith, although NWD SICAV provides and publicizes this information without claim to its correctness, completeness or accuracy. The value of the investment may over time both rise or fall and NWD SICAV does not guarantee a return on the originally invested amounts and neither does it take responsibility for actions taken on the basis of data stated in this document. The content of this document is not legally enforceable.


Na Příkopě 857/18,
110 00 Praha, Czech republic
IČO: 05285437
Registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File No. 21721
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